PowerTube Pro R4 Massage Therapy Roller Black

Repetitive movements and dehydration often result in muscle pain and motion restriction. The R4 massage therapy roller has been designed to effectively relax muscle tension within the body and provide a convenient self-massage solution. Using the SMR Self Myofascial Release technique and your own body weight, the R4 Massage Therapy Roller allows you to self-massage hard to reach sore areas and target multiple muscles such as the calves, lats, glutes, adductors, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, thoracic spine trapezius and rhomboids and tensor fasciae latae muscle of the thigh.

By softening and lengthening the fascia, the R4 Massage Therapy Roller breaks down scar tissue and adhesions between skin, muscles and bones. In turn, this results in relaxing those overactive muscles and relieving pain. The coned shaped EVA design acts to trigger point the belly thickest part of the muscles, making the stretch reflex respond more effectively.

The pressure applied to the muscles, together with the rolling action along the muscles fibres, will increase circulation, release myofascia and promote healthy strong muscles.

  • Includes:
  • R4 Massage Therapy Roller Firm
  • Exercise Guide with over 30 Exercises
  • DVD with over 30 Exercises

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PowerTube Pro R4 Massage Therapy Roller Black

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