Powertube Pro Total Resistance System

The Powertube Pro Total Resistance System targets and sculpts every core muscle group of your body - arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs and legs. It trains both upper and lower body parts and allows to exercise in numerous angles and positions to isolate specific muscles. Extremely versatile, the Powertube Pro Total Resistance System recreates the most popular gym exercises as shown in exercise guides. Great value for just a fraction of gym membership fees!

  • Works upon three key fitness aspects - muscle building, body toning & fat burning
  • Builds incredible core strength, raises energy levels, and develops bone mass, balance and motor coordination
  • Premium quality latex tubing provides safe and easy on the joints workouts
  • No force of gravity involved like in weights
  • Elastic resistance builds strength and provides more support to the joints and increases joint flexibility
  • Allows to focus on muscle building or toning
  • Assist in weight loss by boosting metabolism helping your body burn calories faster
  • Ideal for rehabilitation purpose to accelerate recovery after injury
  • Suit your personal level of fitness

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Powertube Pro Total Resistance System

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