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Women's Touch Rugby Boots

Rugby - is one of the most intense, beloved sports in the nation. It takes grit, power and focus, and no one wants sub-par gear holding them back. At Rebel Sport, we know how important it is to have the right equipment on the field, so we keep our inventory packed with great options for women's touch rugby boots.

Kicks for Every Rugby Player

No two athletes are the same and every playstyle is a little different. We work hard to put a massive variety of designs and styles right at your fingertips, so you can find shoes tailored specifically to your needs. We also carry great all-purpose boot options from XBlades, which offer plenty of support and comfort for any wearer. No matter who you're shopping for, you'll find something for them here!

All the Industry's Best Brands

It's not enough to find good shoes; you need to have access to brands you know won't let you down. We believe it's crucial to provide you with only the industry's best names, so we make it easy to find them in one convenient place. From XBlades and Asics to Converse and Under Armour, you'll find all your favourites right here!

Frequently asked questions 

Your questions about women’s touch rugby boots answered. 

Can you wear metal studs in touch rugby?

In short - no. Metal studs are not allowed in touch rugby. This differs from regular rugby union, in which you are allowed metal studs. 

What boots do you wear for touch rugby?

As a general rule, you are expected to have boots with moulded soles. The sock boot style is a great choice, as it makes your boot feel like an extension of your foot.

If you still aren’t too sure, don’t stress! We have grouped all the women's touch rugby boots above so you should have no trouble finding them.