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Shot Darts Toa 70% Tungsten Dart Set

Toa means valiant warrior in the Maori language, we like to call our Toa The Champion. Just like his elder relative, the Shot Darts Warrior, Toa captures the spirit of indigenous warriors and resembles a Taiaha, a traditional fighting weapon.

A ringed micro grip on the nose and a double shark fin grip at the rear of the barrel will suit most throwing styles. Toa is paired with distinctive custom designed Kakariki and Kotakota small standard flights which provide maximum lift and stability of the dart when it is in flight.

Small standard flights suit beginner players as they are more forgiving than other flight shapes, but also provide a stable setup f or more experienced players alike.

Durable black pyramid shafts complete the Toa set up.

Featuring the latest in pyramid grip techno logy, these precision cut shafts ensure maximum grip of flights and durability.

The medium length is ideal for a player who wants maximum stability. Toa Dart Set is part of our pro Tungsten series.

This is a dart for throwers near the top of their game. And with 3 darts, 6 flights and 6 shafts, you'll have all the spares you need to see you through many a session.

Style number: 8122027

Shot Darts Toa 70% Tungsten Dart Set


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