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Choosing The Right Boots Made Easy

When shopping for new boots, you will need to consider the type of sole and studs depending on the sport and surface being played on, and the boot design to suit the individual’s playing style.
The modern boot is now tailored to maximise the players attributes and provide ultimate comfort.

What are the differences between Football and Rugby Boots?

Football boots are cut low around the ankle and are designed to be narrower, so they are more lightweight and slimline to help with intricate footwork. Rugby boots however are generally wider than football boots and are available in low, mid, and high cut variations. Football boot studs also differ from rugby boot studs. You can wear football boots to play rugby, and vice versa, but only if you have the correct studs. To do this, both pairs of boots will need to have removable studs that are compatible.

Types of Soles

The sole options for both sports are either Firm Ground (FG), Soft Ground (SG), Indoor or Turf. Firm Ground boots are designed for use on fields with natural dry grass. Soft Ground boots are designed for use on damp, muddy fields. While boots with a sole specific to Turf are used to play on artificial ground, and boots with a non-marking outsole are used for games indoor.

Football & Rugby Hubs

Whether you are training with a team or playing socially with your mates, we have the newest and best football and rugby gear to make you look and feel like a pro.  Check our out Football & Rugby hubs for all your training and game day gear.




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