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Kids crop tops

Kids’ fashion is all about fun, and nothing’s more fun than a crop top. Crop tops for kids are a wardrobe staple as they’re perfect for sports, workouts and every day too. Whether your kid is enjoying some exercise or simply staying cool on a warm day, a crop top is a surefire style to rock. Try some awesome styles from top brands such as Running Bare, Nike, adidas, Under Armour and New Balance

What kind of crop top should you get your child?

There are plenty of crop tops to choose from in an array of different colours, prints and styles. We have crops that are perfect for exercise, incorporating moisture-wicking technology for sweaty sports sessions. We also have other crops that are more fashion-focused.

When picking which crop top your should get for your child, you should first figure out what purpose you are buying it for. Do they need it for football practice or just for daily life? After you figure this out, you can get to the fun part of picking colours and patterns!

What should your child wear with their crop top?

Rocking a crop top is a bold move, and you have to match it with other pieces that are equally stylish. Kids can pair a crop top with kids pants and tights when exercising on a hot day. Another popular option is to pair it with a kid's t-shirt. If the temperature drops, toss your child a kids hoody or sweatshirt to wear over the top. 

Frequently asked questions

Answering your frequently asked questions about crop tops. 

What is the age limit for crop tops?

There is no age limit for crops! Kids can wear whatever they want, as long as they feel comfortable. Crop tops also don’t have to be worn on their own if you don’t want to. There is always the option of pairing the crop with a kid's t-shirt over top. 

Can kids wear crop tops to school?

A lot of schools have dress codes that your children are required to adhere to. However, a sports crop top is often worn underneath something else, meaning no one will see it! Therefore, it usually won’t be a problem.