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Camping Accessories

When the great outdoors calls your name, heeding the call requires always being prepared. Along with the vital necessities of sleeping bags and tents, a successful camping trip means readying yourself for the unexpected. Luckily, there are many camping accessories available to provide modern comforts while beefing up your survival skills.

Packable Necessities

Whether a short trip or a long adventure, minimalistic packing is essential. Instead of lugging extra and likely unneeded gear, rely on accessories made especially for camping. From foldable bowls and compact silverware to solar chargers and bungee clotheslines, packing your bag is made easier and more lightweight. There is also a plethora of dehydrated food options to avoid heavy cans, which can help you avoid bulky trash.

Tools for Adventure

While being able to charge your phone and enjoy a meal are important, the weather, darkness and unexpected snags require safety gear and tools. If your bag doesn’t have a flashlight, headlamp, knife, poncho or emergency kit, it may turn into a frustrating adventure. Even if you aren’t an outdoor enthusiast but have one in your life, carabiners, tent pegs, walking poles, repair tape, waterproof matches and much more all make meaningful and useful gifts.