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Baseball Supporters’ Gear

Baseball is one of the greatest sports of all time, and its fans are some of the world’s most enthusiastic. If you have a favourite baseball team, of course, you want to show off your devotion at every available opportunity. A baseball jersey allows you to do exactly that by advertising the logo and colors of your team. We have a great range of baseball jerseys in NZ. 

Support the top baseball teams

Supporting your favourite baseball team is easy when you wear the New Era 9fifty Precurve Team Prolite Seattle Mariners Cap. This selection is just one example of the many caps available sporting the look of all the top baseball teams. If you prefer a snapback style, the New Era MLB 9fifty Chicago White Sox Snapback Cap is a great selection, too.

Baseball team hats, shirts and hoodies

Hats aren’t the only option for supporting your top baseball team. You can also sport a hoody, shirt, shorts, and what about a baseball jacket? This attire is designed especially for the die-hard baseball fan. If you’re keen to play baseball or softball, view our range of softball gear and other gear, including baseball bats and more. 

For fans of other sports, such as super rugby, our selection of super rugby supporters’ gear is great. Dress up the whole family with junior supporter gear so everybody knows who your family stands for.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about baseball supporters’ gear. 

What are the shirts called that baseball players wear?

There is a particular style of baseball shirt that is very sought after. This often baggy shirt that buttons down the front is usually called a raglan shirt. 

How do you wear a baseball outfit?

Given how great they look and that they aren’t too tight a fit, baseball shirts can be worn in a range of settings, including for casual wear.