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Weight Belts

Support your strength training with reliable weight belts. Whether you're a powerlifter, bodybuilder, or just looking to enhance your lifting performance, Rebel Sport offers a range of high-quality weight belts designed to provide you with the stability and support you need during heavy lifts. Explore our collection of weight belts online and take your strength training to the next level.

Discover the importance of weight belts

At Rebel Sport, we understand the significance of proper form and support in strength training. Our weight belts collection includes a variety of options, from leather to nylon belts, each designed to provide stability to your core and lower back. We collaborate with trusted brands like to ensure that you have access to the latest advancements in weight belt technology.

Stabilise your core and protect your lower back

Weight belts are essential tools for maintaining proper form and preventing injury during heavy lifts. We recognise the importance of fit, material quality, and buckle design in weight belts. Our range includes belts with different levels of padding, width, and adjustable settings to ensure that you find the belt that suits your lifting style and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to your weight belt questions.

When should I use a weight belt?

Weight belts are recommended for exercises that involve heavy lifting, such as squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses. They provide added support to your core and lower back, helping you maintain proper form and reduce the risk of injury during these lifts.

How do I choose the right size weight belt?

To choose the right size weight belt, measure your waist at the point where you intend to wear the belt. Refer to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to select the appropriate size. A properly sized weight belt should fit snugly without causing discomfort.