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      Weight Lifting Belt

      Regardless of whether you’re thinking about getting into weight lifting, or you’re already an experienced pro, you need to use a weightlifting belt. Rebel Sport NZ carries a full line of NZ powerlifting belts and weight belts for both men and women.

      Why Use a Weight Belt?

      Using a gym belt is a great idea, regardless of whether you’re a rookie or a powerlifter. A lifting belt will both reduce stress on your lower back while you’re lifting and stop you from hyperextending during overhead lifting. You’ll be strengthening your back and correctly using your ab muscles, while preventing your lower back muscles from becoming engaged.

      Back injuries are no joke; they take a long time to heal, and you’ll be out of action for weeks. Smart New Zealand weightlifters use a gym belt and proper wrist support when lifting. Make sure you’re hydrating and keep your electrolyte levels up, and don’t skip the warm-up.

      There’s no better time to start than right now, so pick up a NZ weight lifting belt from Rebel Sport NZ and you’ll see those gains in no time at all.