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Water Toys

Swimmers of all ages can have fun with water toys. Browse a large selection of water toys and inflatable tow ropes at Rebel Sport. The option to select the specific colour of some items is not available online, but you can choose your favourite colour at a store location.

Water-Resistant Toys

Some of the most popular water toys are neoprene balls for rugby, volleyball, water football and other watersports. Urge watersports balls change colours when wet. Choose from large or mini sizes of Urge watersports balls for adults, teens and kids. For some activities, you may prefer Waboba Water Bouncing Balls, such as the Tropical Kahuna Ball, Pro Water Bouncing Ball and the Zag. This watersports equipment is designed to perform in every water environment.

The Best Water Toys for Kids

Shop a selection of toys for the water online or in store. A wide assortment of dive toys are available, including animals, balls, rings and sticks made of durable neoprene. These colourful sinking toys are easy to locate underwater with a pair of kids goggles. Rebel Sport also stocks inflatables and towables for kids and adults. Water toys encourage family and friends to spend active time together.