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      Swiss Balls

      A swiss ball is vital to any good workout, as it can be incorporated into a range of different exercises. Whether you are using the equipment to build strength and muscle mass, or incorporating it into your daily yoga, Rebel Sport NZ have a variety of swiss balls in different sizes and colours to accommodate individuals needs.  

      How can I include a swiss ball in my home workouts? 

      Incorporating a swiss ball into your home workout is easy and provides endless benefits! The convenient and compact equipment is great for light resistance training through to strength training as it can be used as an additional weight in exercises. The swiss ball also doubles as stretching equipment due to its ability to strengthen and tone back muscles, reducing lower back complications. 


      Short on space at home? The swiss ball is a great option if you’re limited to space. This piece of equipment is not only small and compact, but can be used as a substitute for a range of exercises, resulting in less equipment for endless benefits!