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Every tennis player needs dependable equipment that can withstand every match. Rebel Sport NZ gets it, and we're proud to be part of your athletic lifestyle! Our collection of Prince tennis gear and accessories offers something for every athlete!

Top Tier Tennis Gear

Your tennis gear needs to be durable, versatile and able to suit your unique playstyle. Our Prince collection includes a variety of racquets, and each variant offers unique benefits for you. Our tennis bags make it easy to transport your equipment anywhere, and most of our products come in a great variety of colors and styles! We're your one-stop shop for tennis balls, shoes, replacement grips and all the essentials.

Brands and Prices You'll Love

No matter what you do, you need products from companies you can trust. Rebel Sport NZ takes this seriously, and we strive to put all the industry's most reputable companies in the palm of your hand. We love helping you find fantastic athletic gear at a price you'll love!

Rebel Sport NZ loves being part of your active lifestyle, and we're glad you're shopping with us today! Check out our other lineups from brands like Nike, Coleman, Camelbak, Arena, Maddog and more!