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It’s hard to stay on top of your fitness progress without cold, hard stats. When you’re trying to keep track of your daily steps, the tool you need is a pedometer. Pedometers are designed to track the number of steps a person takes by measuring the motion of their hands or hips.

Benefits of a Pedometer

Studies have shown that pedometers actually motivate users to walk more, which is a great benefit for professional and amateur athletes alike who want to improve their daily cardio. Models like the York Pedometer can be conveniently clipped to the user’s belt so that you can count your steps while wearing comfortable women’s walking shoes that make it easier to walk for longer!

How Do I Use a Pedometer?

Using a pedometer is incredibly easy. Many function like the aforementioned model and can simply be attached to the user’s clothing — and then you simply walk! You can calibrate the device to count your steps on a daily basis or track cumulative steps. You can even use a pedometer in conjunction with tools such as GPS watches and heart rate monitors to get a big picture look at your health and fitness habits.