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A shuttlecock is the type of projectile used in the game of badminton.The device is designed to portray a conical shape, featuring feathers attached to a rounded cork. Today, most badminton shuttlecocks are made entirely from plastic resources. The cork is the part of the device that comes into contact with the racquet, while the feathers aid in flight.  

Why is it Called a “Shuttlecock”?

The badminton shuttlecock name originated from two sources. “shuttle” refers to the nature of the game, in which the object is hit back and forth. The back and forth motions are reminiscent of the shuttle of a traditional loom. While “cock” is another name for a rooster and refers to the feathers.

Features to Look for in a Shuttlecock

When evaluating which product is best for your specific desires, there are several criteria with which to evaluate your options:

  • Level of play for which they are intended.
  • Speed: account for temperature, humidity, and altitude. A speed rating of 75 is relatively slow and intended for hot and humid climates, while a speed of 79 is fast and better in cold areas
  • Type and materials of the shuttlecock
  • Durability
  • Price

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