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Please Note: We do not accept returns for any swimwear so please choose carefully.


Kids togs

If you're looking for high-quality kid's swimwear for either recreational or competitive purposes, we have a great selection of styles from which to choose. Kid's swimwear is a favourite among our customers, and we are confident you'll find something perfect for your child within this selection of items.

Many styles of kid's swimwear

Whether you are looking for boy's togs, girl's togs or teen swimwear - we’ve got you covered! You’ll find a bunch of different girl's togs, including girls swimming tops, one-piece swimwear, sun tops and more. As for boy's togs, we’ve got trunk-style kid's swimwear, water shorts, sun tops and anything in between. Take a look at our huge selection of kid's swim shirts and kid's swimwear – we bet you'll find something even better than expected. And don't forget to grab swimming caps and swimming goggles to go with your new swimsuit!

Designed for performance and comfort

Kid's swim clothes should be comfortable enough for all-day wear and durable enough for lots of beach or poolside play. We offer selections from top brands like Speedo swimwear, Arena swimwear, adidas swimwear, Roxy swimwear and more! These swimwear products were specifically designed and created for athletic kids like yours, and they have been made from premium materials with performance and durability in mind. As you can imagine, it is best to shop for brands you can trust when it comes to swimwear. 

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about kid's swimwear answered. 

Which swimsuit is best for swimming? 

If you are swimming competitively, you’ll want to opt for a streamlined swimsuit. A great option for competitive swimming is Speedo swimwear, designed for optimal performance. 

What do kids wear in the pool?

Kids can wear a wide variety of different swimsuits in the pool. If your child is pretty young, a cute suntop can be a great option and is available in both girl's and boy's styles. Boys can opt for water shorts if they are just swimming for fun, whilst girls can choose from our playful one-piece styles.