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Please Note: We do not accept returns for any swimwear so please choose carefully.


Kids' Swimming Gear

Dive into the exciting world of swimming with our specially curated Kids' Swimming Gear at Rebel Sport. Gear up your little ones with top-quality swim essentials designed for comfort, safety, and fun in the water. From vibrant swimwear to essential accessories, we have everything your child needs for a delightful and safe swimming experience.

Dress for splash success

Explore our collection of colourful and comfortable kids' swimwear that ensures a perfect fit and allows for unrestricted movement. Choose from various styles and designs that keep your child stylish while providing the freedom to enjoy the water to the fullest.

Safety first, fun always

Prioritise safety with our range of kids' swimming gear, including swim goggles, floaties, and swim caps. These essentials are designed to enhance water safety while adding an extra element of enjoyment to your child's swimming adventures.

Accessories for water play

Make swimming more enjoyable with our assortment of kids' swimming accessories. From water toys to swim bags, we have the extras that add a splash of excitement to every pool or beach outing.

Your questions answered

Find answers to common questions about our Kids' Swimming Gear.

What sizes are available for kids' swimwear?

Our collection includes a range of sizes to ensure a proper fit for kids of different ages and body types. Explore our sizing options to find the perfect swimwear for your child.

Do you offer swim goggles suitable for different age groups?

Absolutely, our selection includes swim goggles designed for various age groups, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for every child. Explore our range to find the perfect pair for your little swimmer.