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      Protein Shaker 

      Start your day the healthy way with a brand new protein shaker! Creating convenience whilst maintaining health, take your breakfast on the go! Whether it be a smoothie or a quick protein shake, these compact and easily cleanable shakers make your morning routine so much easier! Here at Rebel Sport NZ, we understand how life gets in the way of those fitness and health goals, that’s why we offer a variety of the finest protein shakers, helping you to be your best self while maintaining your busy schedule.  

      A protein shaker designed to suit your individual needs!

      Here at Rebel Sport NZ, we carry a range of protein shakers, designed to perfectly complete your training kit. When viewing our vast selection of shakers, be sure to check out our variety of training accessories, guaranteed to guide you in achieving those fitness goals! Browse our wide range of designs, where you will find leak-proof solutions through to stainless steel shakers. For assistance in finding a protein shaker that best accommodates your needs, speak to one of our friendly staff today!