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Snorkels, Snorkel Mask

Compare the features of masks and snorkelling equipment by Mares and Mirage at Rebel Sport. Choose your preferred mask and snorkel colour. Sets of masks and swimming fins are available, and some brands offer small, medium or large sizes. You can also find fins and wetsuits online or in stores.

Shop for a Snorkel Mask

You can purchase masks and snorkels separately or in sets online or in a Rebel Sport NZ store. Compare the mask, snorkel and complete snorkelling sets available for adults and juniors. Snorkelling equipment is sometimes designed with particular skill levels or types of usage in mind. Confirm the size and features of any mask, snorkel or snorkelling set that you are considering buying for yourself or other adult or junior divers.

Snorkels and Snorkelling Gear

In addition to masks, snorkels and fins, you can also browse an extensive selection of wetsuits for adults and kids wetsuits for snorkelling at Rebel Sport. Everything you need for snorkelling and other watersports is available online, and it is easy to check in store availability to determine the best way to get the gear and equipment you need for snorkelling and any other sport or activity.