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Men’s boxing shoes

Whether you need training shoes for your gym workout or tech-advanced boxing shoes for professional and amateur competition, the right men's boxing shoes make all the difference in your abilities and performance. Featuring top name brands like Nike, adidas, Reebok, and others, speed and balance are essential to training demands and provided by the modern boxing shoes available to purchase.

What to consider when buying men’s boxing shoes

When it comes to purchasing shoes to wear while training or sparring, you may think that men's multisport shoes are sufficient. While this type of shoe offers support for many activities, when speed, agility, and balance are needed, boxing shoes are best. These are made to support your arch, ankle, and foot, minimising the potential of injury. After all, boxing shoes are made for boxing, so sticking with what works is highly recommended. For general boxing gear in NZ, we’ve also got you covered with boxing gloves, boxing wraps and boxing bags

Finding the best shoe for your needs

Today, boxing shoes are made with innovative technology to help ensure you get support right where it is needed. Remember, purchasing specialty shoes for any sport, such as hockey, rugby, and running is a must to ensure your feet are comfortable and protected. That way you can perform at your best.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about men’s boxing shoes. 

What is the difference between boxing shoes and regular shoes?

Some people choose to wear a boxing running shoes hybrid, but it’s best to wear proper boxing shoes for when you put on your gloves. There are many differences between boxing shoes and regular shoes. Most notably, the soles of boxing shoes are narrow and angled slightly. This is so that you grip the ground more.

Do boxers wear shoes?

Unless you’re they’re a kickboxer, yes. Regarding boxing shoes in NZ, you can view our range online, including brands like adidas.