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Men’s golf shoes

No matter if you are playing a friendly round of golf with your friends, competing in a local club tournament, or going pro, to play at the best of your ability, the right men's golf shoes are a must-have. Today, golf shoes are available in several styles and designs to ensure you get the stability, traction, and support needed to ensure your swings are accurate and powerful.

A great swing starts at your feet

Amateur or pro, as a golfer, you know a good swing begins at your feet. If you don't have a firm, balanced stance during your downswing, your power and accuracy will falter as you start to slide on the turf under your feet. To ensure you get the most out of your swing, you need high-quality men's golf shoes NZ that offer the required level of traction. Keep in mind, that the same is true for any sport, which is why having sport-specific shoes or cross-trainers designed for multiple activities is so important. Choose from our leading suppliers of golf clothing and apparel, including some of the most popular Nike golf shoes in NZ. 

Comfort and performance converge

You have comfort and performance with quality golf shoes, helping you deliver the best score you've ever had while you play. Be sure to check out other top-performing shoes, such as basketball or football shoes, that are now available for purchase. If you’re looking for other golf equipment, view our range of golf balls, golf trundlers and golf bags

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about men’s golf shoes. 

Do pro golfers wear spikeless golf shoes?

This depends on the pro golfer you’re referring to. Some pro golfers prefer spikeless golf shoes, whereas some prefer to wear metal cleats. It sometimes also depends on the tour they’re on. 

Should golf shoes be a size bigger?

Not necessarily. When trying on golf shoes, you want to be able to wiggle your toes a bit, and they need to feel comfortable to walk around in. Head into your local Rebel Sport to chat with a fitting expert and to try before you buy.