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      Skipping Rope 

      Skipping ropes are a great addition to any workout. Why? They aid in burning calories at an increased rate, while also working to strengthen core muscles, creating a high-intensity workout. At Rebel Sport NZ, we offer a range of branded skipping ropes that can be used to maximize your workout as well as improve your agility, speed and endurance, no matter what your athletic goals may be. 

      Do you have skipping ropes to accommodate for taller people?

      We have a range of different branded ropes, which vary in size to accommodate individual heights. A great option for taller individuals is the PTP Hi-Speed Jump Rope which is not only engineered for HIIT workouts, but can also be tailored to suit individual heights and body sizes due to the adjustable rope option. 

      Do you offer a variety of skipping ropes?

      Explore our range of skipping ropes to find the one best suited to your specific workout goals. At Rebel Sport NZ we offer a variety of ropes, such as the Nike Fundamental Weighted Rope, being an ideal option to improve endurance and muscle growth. Due to the weight feature, the advanced skipping rope contributes to an intense cardiovascular workout.