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Cricket Helmets

No matter what your position is on the field, you need plenty of protection during a game of cricket. Rebel Sport NZ understands this, and we're proud to bring you a lineup of the best cricket helmets available on the market!

The Best Defense

All cricket players know how intense the game can be, and that's why you need plenty of defense to help prevent serious injuries on the field. Our collection of cricket helmets is jam-packed with everything you need to stay safe and enjoy your game! We carry top-notch products like the Gray Nicolls Purist Geo helmet and the Pro 400 helmet from Kookaburra; whatever you need, we've got you covered.

Quality You Can Rely On

It's not enough to have a decent cricket helmet — you need to know that the gear you're buying is coming from companies you can trust. We take this to heart, and it's our pleasure to put all the industry's most reputable creators in the palm of your hand. We're glad to make your shopping experience a pleasure, and we love helping you save money with every purchase!

We're glad you're shopping with us today! Check out our lineups from Kookaburra, Nike, Reebok and more!