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Men’s Cricket Clothing

Looking to upgrade your cricket whites? We’ve got you covered.  Our range of cricket clothing includes cricket pants and training polos, jackets, shorts and more. Kit yourself out with our range of training polos, shorts, pants, jackets and more.  Order online confidently, with our price-beat guarantee and flat $6* delivery fee. 

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about cricket clothing. 

Why are cricket pants white? 

Traditionally cricket clothing is white. This helps spectators to see the players, and it also helps the cricket players see the ball. 

Do you have to wear white when playing cricket? 

If you’re playing on a cricket team, there might be a specific uniform required. However, if you’re training or playing a casual game of cricket, you can wear whatever feels comfortable. At Rebel Sport, we have a range of cricket clothing in various colours.