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Rods and Reels

Whether you are new to the sport or already a seasoned angler, using the right gear is essential to maximize your fishing experience. Fishing tackle is important, but two of the most critical pieces of equipment are the rods and reels.

Why is it important to have quality rods and reels?

Having the best equipment doesn’t necessarily mean you will have success in landing a trophy fish. However, without the right pier fishing rods and reels, you will miss out on ever landing that big catch. Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products available on the market today, simply visit Rebel Sport NZ and we can assist you in selecting an advanced, high-quality fishing rod and the accessories you need to catch gold!

What are the Best Pier Fishing Rods and Reels?

Pier fishing is the preferred fishing style for many fishermen and is a great starting point for beginners. Among the different options for pier fishing gear, spinning rods and reels provide immense benefits to your fishing game! A spinning rod rated for 30 to 60 lbs is an excellent choice because it is easier to use for beginners. Since many of the fish you might catch are quite large, a spinning reel with size in the 8,000 to 10,000 range is recommended to give you an extra line when you need it. To learn more about different rods, reels, and other pier fishing gear, contact Rebel Sport NZ today!