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Whether a beginner or ready to upgrade, the perfect Exercycle Bike isn’t hard to find. Simply follow our step-by-step buying guide to find out more.

PLEASE NOTE: All online orders that include exercycles are subject to a delivery charge of $75.


      Exercise Bikes

      Getting a cardio workout is essential for a healthy body. Busy schedules and the weather have a way of making that difficult. An exercise bike is an ideal solution, especially for people who need low-impact exercise to protect joints. Whether a beginner or ready to upgrade, the perfect bike isn’t hard to find.

      Modern Options for Everyone

      As opposed to the old days of simple stationary bikes with no bells and whistles and limited adjustability, technology has taken exercise bikes to new levels. If just beginning the journey, the York C400 or Fuel 3.0 Exercycle are both sleek, compact options. Both have a three-piece crank for added comfort and sensors to help you track your ride and your body, including pulse, temperature and body fat. When you need more room, the Fuel 5.0 Exercycle is ideal for taller people and features a base designed for easy mounting and an adjustable seat for proper ergonomics.

      Go the Extra Mile Easier

      Exercise bikes are a versatile option that are ideal for interval training and a safer option than cycling outdoors. For people who want to spice up their workout and stay on track with variety, they are a complementary addition to workout rooms with rowers or ellipticals.