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Swimming Cap

Wearing a cap while swimming makes you more hydrodynamic, protects your hair from tangling and limits exposure to pool or salt water. Choose from many colours of swimming caps and options for cap materials. You can order a soft polyester or lycra swim cap or choose a latex or silicone cap.

A Choice of Cap Brands and Materials

Rebel Sport carries swimming caps by leading brands such as Aqualine Swim, FINZ and Speedo. Consider the available materials and colours to pick the right swim cap. Most swim caps bear the logo of the brand on the cap. You can also choose from caps with special features, such swimming caps for long hair or limited edition colours or designs. Get a Speedo swim cap with the NZ design logo online or in store.

Adult and Junior Swimming Cap Sizes

Swim caps are made for adults and juniors. Within these categories, caps are generally one size fits all. Some brands offer caps designed for long hair. In general, silicone swim caps last longer than latex caps, are more resistant to tearing and are more gentle on hair. Latex caps can be a better choice for wearers who have less hair.

You can also shop for all type of swimwear gear online or in store at Rebel Sport.