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Ruben Wiki Recovery Tips


  • Pool recovery sessions are usually used post flying or an alternative for training
  • Pool recovery sessions include a light jog in the water followed by some synamic movements to stretch the muscles
  • Alternative training pool sessions are usually used to take a load off the boys legs, game of water polo, recovery swim....
  • Pool sessions only last for around 30 minutes
  • Rehab lads are in the pool doing drills due to restricted in certain areas on the body, knee, shoulder
  • A great alternative in our sport due to collisions constantly put on them week in week out


  • Walk one lap
  • Swim one lap
  • Side to side one lap
  • Swim one lap
  • Dolphin dive one lap
  • Swim one lap
  • Moving quad stretch one lap
  • Swim one lap
  • Moving glute stretch one lap
  • Swim one lap

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