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Please Note: We do not accept returns for any swimwear so please choose carefully.


Speedo Bikini

Athletic performance in water sports or related activities will depend on what you wear. When it comes to sportswear for women, Rebel Sport is your preferred destination for top gear from top brands such as Speedo. This company has provided premium apparel for athletes of every experience level. Shop a Speedo bikini, hot top and more in our online inventory.

Variety You’ll Love

No two customers have the exact same goals for swim activity or shopping online. Our Speedo swimwear inventory runs the gamut from sharp and simple to fun and fancy. You can find a solidly colored one-piece swimsuit designed for endurance or one with a lily pattern print and the brand logo across the front. Find gear suited for swimming, water sports, workouts and camping all in one place!

Accessories for Everyone

Once you’ve found the right Speedo bikini, don’t forget to check for the proper accessories. Find swimming caps to keep your hair out of the way or kickboards to help beginners develop a good kick. Rebel Sport doesn’t just bring apparel, but all the products needed to make the most out of your time in or near the water. We offer multiple ways to pay, giving you the ultimate flexibility to make your swimming goals a reality.