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Rugby Headgear

Wearing protective gear during a rugby game is crucial. The right boots will improve your grip on the field, a mouthguard will protect your teeth during collisions, and snug headgear will prevent cuts, scrapes, and ear injuries, also known as cauliflower ears. 

The scrum caps from Rebel Sport NZ are ventilated and flexible, so you won't overheat while wearing them. These soft-shelled helmets are constructed of lightweight foam, which absorbs the shock of an impact. Some of them feature holes for adequate ventilation and larger holes around the ears to enhance communication on the field. 


What to Look for

When purchasing rugby headgear, there are a few features you want to look for. Protection, fit, and comfort are essential elements to consider. You don't want it to slip around on your head or break apart under impact. 

It should fit well and not slide around. However, if it is too tight, it will feel uncomfortable. Make sure the base size fits the circumference of your head and the rear laces are tight without restricting your ability to breathe. 

Since all caps will protect your head if they meet the standard requirements set by world rugby, the next important feature is comfort. Higher-priced headgear will conform better to your head using ergonomic designs. It will also be made of the finest materials. 

Instead of wearing an uncomfortable and hot rugby scrum cap, shop for more stylish and comfortable designs at Rebel Sport NZ!