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Foam Rollers

If you crave the feeling of relaxed muscles and released tension, a foam roller is the tool for you. This piece of equipment is designed to target pressure points throughout the user’s body and gently alleviate pressure by improving the flow of oxygen and blood towards depleted muscles.

Why Should I Use a Foam Roller?

Using a foam roller is a great idea if you suffer from aches, soreness, and general bodily pain. Much of this pain may be due to a lack of blood flow to certain parts of your body, and a foam roller such as the Triggerpoint Grid 1 Foam Roller Black can help to address this problem. Like massage balls and tools, a foam roller is designed to gently reduce pressure and facilitate healing of the central nervous system.

How Do I Use a Foam Roller?

A foam roller such as the Ptp r4 Firm Massage Therapy Roller Black can be used by gently laying on it and rolling back and forth. If you are using the roller on your back, it’s important to maintain traction against the ground with a pair of women’s strength training shoes. A foam roller can be used to alleviate pain in limbs, too, by rolling it under your arms or legs.