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Although Timberland is probably best known for its reliable work boots, the same durability and comfort go into every shoe, including lifestyle shoes and casual boots. Taking a hint from the brand's practical side, Timberland shoes are designed with protective soles and high-quality materials. Casual Timberland boots don't compromise on strength, yet they're not afraid to show a little style whenever necessary.

Top Qualities in the Best Lifestyle Shoes

Casual and lifestyle shoes need to be comfortable, but if that's all your shoes do, you're missing out. When you're shopping for your next pair of casual boots or shoes, look for these features as well.

  •         Style. Just because you're going for a casual look doesn't mean your shoes can't be fashionable.
  •         Durability. The best shoes last for more than a single season, so don't be afraid to get used to well-constructed footwear.
  •         Lightweight. Even if you don't walk very far, save energy with lightweight soles that have a high rebound.
  •         Responsibly-sourced. A healthier planet for the future is possible when you shop with responsible brands.
  •         Comfort. Flexibility and proper arch support make any shoe better.

Brands like Converse and Crocs might be your go-to for casual shoes, but many brands, including Timberland, are willing to step up and offer lifestyle shoes that make any day comfier.