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Crep Protect


Whether you're camping out in the wild, taking on a hiking trail or just find yourself going outside often in the rain, you need Crep Protect to keep your gear (and yourself) dry and comfortable. Rebel Sport NZ is dedicated to helping you perform safely and effectively, and that's why our selection of Crep protective products is packed with great options for you!

Protection For Everything

Crep protective products are designed to seal almost any surface from water and stains alike — Crep Protect is the ideal way to weatherproof your shoes, tents, bags, coolers and anything else you might take need. We also carry options like the Crep Cleaning Solution, which is perfect for cleaning and maintaining worn out shoes. 

Equipment You Can Count On

It's important that you have access to gear that won't fail you, and Rebel Sport NZ takes this very seriously. That's why we strive to keep all the industry's best brands right at your fingertips! We aim to streamline you shopping experience by offering fantastic brands like Nike, Coleman, Camelbak and countless others, so finding your favorites has never been easier.

From running and hiking to swimming, golf and football, we're proud to equip every athlete for every sport!