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Please Note: We do not accept returns for any compression clothing so please choose carefully.


Women’s Cycling Clothing

Whether you're training for a road bike race or heading off to discover new mountain trails, you’ll need the right cycling clothing. Rebel Sport NZ gets it, and we're dedicated to bringing you the best cycling gear available. We understand that your cycling clothing needs to be comfortable, breathable and perfectly suited to your athletic style. Browse our range of cycling gloves, tights, and shorts. 

Leading brands at affordable prices

At Rebel Sport, we believe that your shopping experience should be as convenient as possible, so we’ve put all the leading brands, like Solo Womens, at your fingertips. Browse our range of women’s cycling clothing at great prices today. 

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about cycling clothing. 

What should you wear when cycling? 

When you’re looking for cycling clothing, you should choose something comfortable. Tight-fitting clothing is great for mobility. You don’t want anything that will slow you down or get caught by the pedals. You should also opt for clothing made from moisture-wicking fabric. 

Why do cyclists wear tight clothes? 

Cyclists are known to wear tight clothing for optimal mobility. Tight clothing won’t slow you down when you’re trying to go the distance.