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Men’s Tennis Clothing

Rebel Sport carries men’s tennis clothing from all of the top brands, including adidas and New Balance. Find the right tennis clothing, so you have the confidence to win your next match. Explore our curated selection of tennis equipment available at Rebel Sport. 

Tennis tops

At Rebel Sport, we have a curated collection of men’s tennis tops designed to be breathable and lightweight so that your movement is unimpeded as you glide across the court. This is a great addition to any tennis enthusiast’s wardrobe.

Tennis shorts

Tennis Shorts are a great option if you’re looking for men’s sports shorts that are fitted yet comfortable. Pull together an outfit with men's tennis attire from Rebel Sport, and make a stylish debut on the tennis courts.

Frequently asked questions 

A frequently asked question about tennis clothing.

What is proper attire for tennis? 

Traditionally, men wear a polo shirt paired with tennis shorts. This allows you to move around the tennis court freely and get the best out of your game.