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Please Note: We do not accept returns for any compression clothing so please choose carefully.


Children's compression clothing

Set your child up for sporting success with kids' compression wear. Rebel Sport offers boys' compression clothing and girls' compression clothing. For girls, we stock a variety of items that include cross-back crop tops, ankle tights, bike tights, shorts and capris. Choose from eye-catching mottled prints or sleek, solid black colours. For boys, we have a selection of black tops, shorts, tights and leggings. We also offer unisex designs of kid's tops and kid's tights

What does compression clothing do?

Compression clothing extends beyond simply making your kiddo look cool. These types of clothing are distinctive since they are manufactured from elasticised fibres and yarns that exert pressure on the body. They have the characteristics to help relieve muscle pain and improve your performance in future. What’s more, both young and older boys and girls can reap the benefits. For example, our kids' skins are geared toward budding athletes who are exploring their various options for sporting activities, whether it be track, tennis or team sports. Check out our benefits of wearing compression clothing blog for more information.

Why choose Rebel Sport?

Whether your young lad or lass is simply starting with sports or already has a few years of experience, our compression clothing delivers, every time. Our premium-quality fabric wicks away moisture and dries rapidly for the ultimate feeling of comfort. We also make sure to only stock the highest quality brands, including 2XU compression clothing and Nike compression clothing. 

Frequently asked questions

Your questions about compression clothing answered. 

Does compression clothing actually work?

Compression clothing can be great when it comes to delayed onset muscle soreness. This clothing isn’t directly correlated with increased performance, however, it could help you get back out there faster. 

Can you wear compression clothes all day?

Yes! There isn’t any harm in doing that. Usually, this type of clothing is made from light, breathable materials, making it pretty comfortable for all-day wear.