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Working out is great for your health, wellbeing, and general disposition. Any fitness fanatic will tell you, though, that it can be hard on the body. Whether you prefer a full-body workout on rowers or a rigorous run, you need to take the time to relax and recover after your body endures an intensive workout.

Why Do I Need to Recover After a Workout?

Amateur athletes often neglect to invest in recovery after a serious workout, but pros know just how important recovery is. Recovery ultimately improves your performance ability and gives your body time to heal. When you immediately return to daily activities after a workout, your body is strained, and you run the risk of injuring yourself.

What’s the Best Tool for Recovery?

There are many recovery products to choose from. Many people enjoy using massage balls such as the Triggerpoint Mobi Point Massage Ball. This tool can help users relax sore muscles and massage painful areas. Other athletes enjoy the relaxation provided by foam rollers like the Triggerpoint Travel Roller, which are great for improving blood flow and oxygen supply towards muscles and other areas of the body. You should choose a recovery product that’s targeted to the type of workout you typically do.