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Kids Sports Socks

Children are always active, running around and playing games. It’s a good idea to support their feet and keep them comfortable with sports socks for kids. When it comes to sports socks in NZ for kids, we’ve got one of the best ranges. 

Choose from running socks, ankle socks and more

Once you’ve chosen which kids shoes you’ll buy, it’s time to consider which kids socks to get. Proper kids sports socks not only look great and pair with running shoes, but they’re also designed to be breathable. When kids are running around and playing, their feet can get hot and sweaty. Proper sports socks and compression socks will help to prevent bad smells and slipping. 

Level up your kids shoes

When it comes to kitting out your children for exercise and play, kids sports socks are only part of the picture. You’ll also want to consider kids running shoes and sports clothing. Although comfortable, some kids casual clothing can be heavier and less breathable. Help support your kid for hours of running and playing with clothing and footwear designed for exercise. Order sports socks for kids online confidently, with our price beat guarantee and flat $6* delivery fee.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about kids sports socks. 

What socks are best for sport?

This will depend on the type of sport your child is playing. Generally, you want sports socks to be breathable and resistant to slipping. That way, your feet won’t smell as bad, and you can prevent slipping-related injuries. 

What are grip socks for kids?

Grip socks usually feature a particular pattern of grip and padding to prevent kids from falling over. At Rebel Sport, we have a range of grip socks to choose from for kids and adults.