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Fishing Line

New Zealand boasts several of the world’s most beautiful fishing islands, so it’s no wonder that its’ one of our country’s favorite pastimes. If you want to reel in the best catch, though, you need the right fishing line to do so. Fishing line like the Black Magic 300m Braid Elite Rainbow 40lb is designed to give fishing enthusiasts an advantage in the water.

Why Is Fishing Line Important?

Fishing line is important for several reasons, but the greatest benefit it offers is the impact it has on your lure’s performance. You’ve probably experienced the frustration of losing a catch as it swam deeper into the water’s weeds, or perhaps you’ve felt the dreaded snap of a broken line from an invisible rock. High-performance fishing line like Black Magic Igfa Mono Clear 15kg 300m can prevent these mishaps.

How Do I Choose the Right Fishing Line?

Choosing the right fishing line is just as important as choosing the right fishing hooks or fishing lures. If you’re not sure which line is best, opt for a lightweight but strong selection. Lighter fishing lines will typically swim or run more effectively in the water than a line that’s on the heavier side.