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Men’s Supporters Gear

Show your true colours and support your favourite team with our range of men’s supporters' gear. It’s one thing to say you support a team, but another to show it. We’ve got many of the main teams and codes covered at Rebel Sport

Support your favourite New Zealand teams

New Zealand is home to some incredible teams across many different sports. At Rebel Sport, we have many of the big teams covered. Choose from a long sleeve rugby jersey for your favourite Super Rugby team, through to football jerseys in NZ and, of course, All Backs gear, including the popular All Blacks rugby balls.  

Choose from all popular sport codes

One of the beauties of sport is the many different codes you can watch or play. Whether you’re keen on basketball, cricket, football or anything in between, we have everything you need to support and play. If you need advice on what you need to play, contact your local Rebel Sport team. Otherwise, we have a blog section that is full of handy guides. 

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about men’s supporters' gear.

How do you show support to a sports team?

You can show your support in many different ways beyond wearing supporters’ gear. Why not follow their social media accounts online or become an official supporter through your favourite team’s website?

How do you encourage a losing team?

If you’re watching your favourite team and notice they’re falling behind, cheer them on so they can hear and feel the support. It may just spur them on!