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It's easy to gear up for sports played in and on the water at Rebel Sport. Shop essential gear such as goggles, snorkels and wetsuits as well as water-resistant equipment and gear for games and training. Rebel Sport offers everything you need for sports and activities in pools or open water. 

Sports and Swimming Gear

Sports played in the water call for specialised gear. Training tools such as kickboards, pullbuoys and aqua dumbbells are designed to float, as are water rugby balls, footballs and volleyballs. Some water toys, such as Waboba balls, are made to bounce off of the surface of water. Brightly coloured dive toys made of neoprene are sink deep down under the surface where divers can improve breath control, underwater navigation and retrieval skills by retrieving the toys.

Equipment for Watersports

Many watersports require some of the same standard equipment, such as swimming goggles. Swim caps are also commonly worn by swimmers to increase speed during racing and to protect hair from exposure to pool treatments and prevent tangles when swimming in treated or natural water. Other water-related sports equipment including Aquashoes, snorkels and fins are also available online and in store at Rebel Sport NZ.