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Ellipticals & Cross Trainers

Staying fit is different for everyone. While some people love to push themselves to hit the next mile on treadmills or exercycles, others may desire a low-impact option to help them keep moving. Ellipticals are the perfect way to get an aerobic workout while moving naturally to minimize joint issues.

Benefits of Using a Cross Trainer

One of the best benefits of having a cross trainer is the ability to work out your upper and lower body. When using the handles while moving your legs, you get an impact-free leg workout while engaging your arm muscles, back and chest. Since it is designed to function like natural walking in the air, it reduces the strain and pressure on the body.

Options for Every Budget

While staying fit may be the goal, some people also need to stay within a budget. Luckily, you can easily find a high-quality elliptical that is affordable. The Fuel 3.0 is an introductory option that is compact and budget-friendly while still providing the latest in technologies. It has a console with sensors to monitor your pulse and other health factors, along with the workout itself. It has different programs to challenge yourself and keep every workout unique. When it’s time to upgrade, the Sole E35 offers added perks, including Bluetooth, speakers and additional programs.