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Bodyboard, Boogie Board & Surf Boards

Shop a full selection of body boards and boogie boards in the Rebel Sport online store or at a convenient store location. You can ride the waves on any of these types of boards or shop a selection of surfboards. Rebel Sport also makes it easy to find swimwear, rash guards, wetsuits and watersports accessories.

Boogie, Surf and Bodyboards

Decide whether you would prefer to catch waves on a boogie board, surf board or bodyboard. You can browse the online store to see all of the available boards to ride out on your next beach trip or give as a gift. You can also visit a Rebel Sport NZ store location to take a closer look at body, skim or surfboards. When shopping online, you should note the type of board in terms of the intended use, dimensions and materials.

Shop the Bodyboard and Boogie Board Selection

Browse all of the available boards at Rebel Sport. The features of the online store make it easy to compare the colours, designs and features of bodyboards and boogie boards. You can also shop our selection of skim boards, surfboards, kayaks and paddleboards in store and online.