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If you love getting outside and becoming one with nature, you'll need equipment that will help you safely do so — enter Coleman, everyone's favorite brand for outdoor gear! Here at Rebel Sport NZ, our collection of Coleman products is massive and constantly expanding to include more great pieces.

The Ultimate Camping Gear

Whether you're an outdoor expert or are camping out in your backyard, we offer something for everyone! From leak-proof air mattresses and cushioned sleeping bags to camping chairs and coolers, we provide everything you need to get out into the wild. Our stock of utility supplies like aluminum blankets, lanterns and air pumps can add an additional layer of security to your camping trip.

Names and Prices You Can Depend On

No matter where the great outdoors takes you, it's important that you have access to equipment from makers you can trust. At Rebel Sport NZ, we take that to heart; that's why we strive to provide you with all the industry's best names at affordable prices.

From merchandise for rugby fanatics to golf clubs and swimwear, we're here to help you get out there and have a great time! Check out our huge selection today!