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Buying Guides & Inspiration

If you’re looking to buy sports or exercise equipment and need some guidance, then you've come to the right place.
We've put together an array of handy sports gear, footwear and activewear guides to help you make an informed decision.
Get inspired and keep up-to-date with seasonal trends and top tips!




Footwear is one of the most important pieces of sports gear you should own. It’s important to get the right shoe or boot for your chosen sport or activity.
Check out our Running Shoe and Boot Shop Guides.

Running Shoe Buying Guide

The importance of choosing the right running shoe plays a key role in enjoyment, safety and injury prevention. Our Running Shoe Guide is designed to get you on the right track so you can reach those running goals.

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Football & Rugby Boot Buying Guide

There’s a variety of factors to consider when shopping for football or rugby boots. We’ve put together a Boot Shop Buying Guide packed with information to help you decide which boot would suit you best.

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Not sure what tights to buy, or need some guidance on finding the perfect bra? Explore our buying guides to find out all you need to know.  

Tights Buying Guide

Whether it be tights to suit your active lifestyle or just a pair of comfy tights for everyday casual wear, we have a huge range of tights to choose from. Find your perfect tights starting here.

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Sports Bra Buying Guide

Find out how to measure your bust and calculate your band & cup size. Once you have worked out your bra size, explore our range of sports bras for either low, medium or high impact activity.

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If you are looking to buy sports equipment for Cricket, Tennis or another chosen sport, and you're not quite sure on sizing,
then check out our easy to follow buying guides and size charts.

Cricket Bat Buying Guide

Choosing the correct size cricket bat is crucial. We have put together a recommended size chart and buying guide to help you choose the cricket bat for you.

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Tennis Racquet Buying Guide

Looking for a new tennis racquet? Find out the difference between racquet sizes and what you need to know when buying a tennis racquet. 

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Basketballs Size Guide

To play basketball properly, you need the right sized ball. Check out our basketball size guide to get to grips on which size basketball is best for you.

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Hockey Stick Guide

Finding the right hockey stick for your game has never been easier. Check out our handy hockey guide to play your best, and dominate the field.

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Want to keep on top of your fitness routine from the comfort of your home? With the right fitness equipment, you can.
We have put together guides to help you find the best home gym equipment to suit your needs.

Cardio Equipment Buying Guide

Wondering which treadmill, elliptical cross trainer or exercise bike is right for you? Follow our step-by-step buying guide to find out which cardio machine suits you best.

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Keep up to-date with seasonal trends, the best remedies to care for your gear, informative tips and more!

How Long Should Running Shoes Last

There are so many variables that can affect how long a pair of running shoes will last. Find out the factors that wear down your running shoes and ways that you can prolong the life of your shoes.

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How To Clean White Shoes

No matter the type of white shoes, there’s a way you can clean them at home.  Find out about the simple techniques you can do to clean your white canvas, white fabric or white leather shoes and shoelaces.

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Understanding Your Sports Bra

Find out what the key elements are that make up a sports bra - from material, to support, to design. We cover how to care for the technology that looks after you while you move.

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Winter Training Kit

Find all the gear you need this season for your winter sport! Whether it be this season's training clothing, footwear or equipment, we have a wide range to suit everyone.

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