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How Long Should Running Shoes Last

Knowing when to replace your running shoes can help prevent injury or even a dip in running performance. Sure, if your big toe is hanging out through a hole at the end of your shoes, you know it’s time to replace them. But, there are far less obvious signs than a hole that indicate your running shoes need the chuck. You can look up the average running shoe life for women’s running shoes, men’s running shoes, or even kid’s running shoes, but that will only give you a rough idea. Many variables can impact how long a pair of running shoes should last.  

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to consider to understand how long your running shoes should last. These tips will apply to all types of running shoes, including trail running shoes and road shoes. Here’s what we’ll touch on:

How to know if your running shoes are worn out
Factors that wear down your running shoes
The average running shoe life
Ways you can prolong the life of your running shoes
The range of running shoes at Rebel Sport

Let’s get a move on!

How to know if your running shoes are worn out

As we’ve mentioned already, there are many signs to look out for that indicate if your running shoes are beyond repair. Unfortunately, some of these indicators are more subtle than others, and as the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

Obvious holes in the shoes

We’ll start with the obvious one. Holes in your running shoes are a sign that it’s time to replace them. Generally, there are two main areas where holes or tears may appear:

Unlike the example we used with your big toe poking through the front of your shoe, sometimes the inside lining of your shoe can also wear out and break down. If you lift the tongue of your shoe, look for any signs of wear to the lining. If you see any rips or tears, it can be a good time to replace your running shoes. 

Changes to your running performance

Many factors could impact your running performance. If you’re noticing a dip in form, it's essential to rule out your running shoes as the issue. As we’ve mentioned already, a dip in running performance could mean that your tread is too worn or that your new running shoes aren’t fitted correctly. 

These are just some of the common indicators that it’s time to replace your kicks, whether trail running shoes or casual running shoes. 


Remove and put your shoes on properly

We’ve all been guilty of forcing our shoes on and off from time to time. But, this is a terrible habit in terms of your running shoe lifespan. Whether men’s running shoes, women’s running shoes, or kid’s running shoes, you should always take the time to tie and untie laces properly before and after use. As well as that, never kick your running shoes’ heels to put them on. Bad habits will damage the structural integrity of your running shoes. 

Top tip: A shoehorn can be really helpful with getting footwear on and off. 

These are just some tips to help your running shoes last longer; Nike has other handy hacks to make your running shoes last longer

Think it’s about time you got some new running shoes?

There are so many variables that can affect how long a pair of running shoes will last, that it’s hard to put a number on it. In terms of distance, you could be looking at anywhere from 500km to 800km if you look after your footwear. Generally, the more time and effort you put into caring for your shoes, the longer they will serve you. If you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes, browse our extensive range online or at your local Rebel Sport store. Our friendly team will be happy to help you find your next dream pair of kicks.