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Women’s Sandals

Shop the range of women’s stylish and practical sandals at Rebel Sport New Zealand today. Designed to provide superior comfort, our selection of women's sandals includes high performing features that allow for extreme activities. To learn more about the various styles, colours and designs, speak to one of our friendly team members today and learn the secret behind these ever-popular shoes.

Sandals for hiking

One of the most versatile sandals for women is the Hi-Tec Women’s V-lite Wild Life Cayman Sandals. These women’s sandals offer fantastic versatility and protection, including breathable fabric and water-resistant materials. In addition to this, the shoes offer flexibility for walking or hiking on various surfaces with ideal stability and grip.

If you’re looking for an open fit for your feet, the Teva Women’s Tirra Sandals offer a multi-purpose solution. The Teva women's sandals are a popular option amongst adventurers, featuring excellent traction and antimicrobial treatment to prevent odour. The heels are reinforced with Shoc Pad to absorb impact from uneven terrain while increasing comfort.

Women’s sandals offer great support and durability for long-term outdoor use. Some brands offer a lightweight fit that works perfectly on longer hikes, while others are heavy-duty and add more bulk to sustain climbing and other vigorous exercises. Every style offers excellent advantages for daily use and sporting activities. Check out our full range of hiking shoes for every adventure. 

Frequently asked Questions

You frequently asked questions about sandals. 

Which brand of sandals is most comfortable?

All of our women’s sandals are comfortable. Certain styles are more comfortable for day to day wear, whereas other types are more comfortable for hiking and outdoor adventuring. 

What are the best sandals for foot support?

This will depend on the shape of your foot. Teva women’s sandals are known to have fantastic general support.