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Yoga Strap

Using a stretching strap during your yoga practice can be an effective way to extend your range of motion. Some sets of yoga accessories pair mats or blocks with matching straps, and yoga straps are also sold separately. Choose from straps by the leading yoga equipment brands, such as Bahe and Gaiam.

Straps for Yoga

Straps are useful for stabilisation and increasing flexibility. Get a strap for yoga or a strap and block set. Some starter sets include a mat, block and strap. You can order a strap for yoga from the Rebel Sport online store or buy a strap at a store location. If you have not used a yoga strap before, this prop can take your practice to the next level.

Shop for a Yoga Strap

Consider the material and length of yoga straps. Look for straps made of materials that are not prone to break, slip or wear down. A strap that measures 2.4 metres is a good length for most practitioners. Depending on whether you just need a strap or could benefit from also getting other props such as yoga blocks or mats, Rebel Sport offers a wide selection of yoga equipment and accessories.