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Camping Lighting & Lanterns

Camping lights are a must-have for camping trips and other outdoor excursions and are important for both safety and convenience. There are a wide variety of styles of light to choose from, each with different uses and advantages to help you see better.  

Durable and Compact Camping Lights

One of the main items you should have on hand is a good camping flashlight. A flashlight is a great universal tool that is helpful when walking around or doing simple tasks in the dark. Our camping flashlights are durable and provide plenty of illumination. Different size options mean you can find something that is easy to pack and carry with you. 

Headlamps and Lanterns

Camping headlamps can be another useful item to have. These are great if you are doing a task that requires both hands or simply want to avoid the hassle of having to carry a light around with you. 

For providing light to your entire campsite or inside tents & shelters, a camping lantern is a great additional tool to bring along. Having a lantern is a great way to provide lighting that encompasses a large area to do tasks such as preparing meals or getting ready to crawl into your sleeping bags for the night.