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Fish Hooks

Fish hooks are one of the most essential tools in a fisherman’s supplies. Historians estimate that these devices have been in use for thousands of years, and indeed, they’ve probably been around for as long as fishing has. If you’re serious about reeling in a great catch, you need the right fish hook for the job.

Why Is a Fish Hook Important?

Fish hooks are important because they’re the primary weapon of fishermen. Your fishing lures and fishing rods and reels are certainly important, but the hook is the piece of equipment doing most of the heavy lifting. Selections such as the Black Magic Live Bait Hook 7/0 Medium Pack are ideal because they can be used for both big and small live bait.

How Do I Use a Fish Hook?

Using a fish hook is simple. Simple take a hook such as the Wasabi Suicide Hook Black 5/0 Medium Pack, and attach it to the end of your fishing line. To do this, you should fold your line and make a loop, which you then thread through the hook’s eye. With this motion, you can make an overhand knot that has a little slack. Pull the line to secure the knot.