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Womens Hiking Shoes

Do you love to hike in your spare time? A solid pair of women's hiking shoes can make all the difference in your ability to perform and explore.  The right pair of hiking shoes will keep you comfortable throughout your entire trek, without any blisters or foot pain. At Rebel Sport NZ, we are passionate about your fitness journey. This is why we keep our inventory stocked with incredible options for hiking shoes, and new varieties are being added regularly - just for you!

Hiking Shoes That Support Every Step

If you're out on the trail, it's important that your shoe cushions, supports and protects your every move. We offer a huge selection of different styles, each with unique benefits to your feet and joints. Whether you are after aerated breathability or cushiony comfort, we’ve got you covered. At Rebel Sport, there's no shortage of ultra-supportive options for you to choose from.

Hiking Gear From Brands You Can Trust

We know how important it is to buy from brands you can count on, so we work hard to keep all the industry's most trustworthy names in one convenient place. With fantastic collections from industry leaders like Under Armour, adidas, New Balance, Hi Tec, Nike and so many more, it's easy to find what you need.

Whether you're a veteran hiker or a professional runner, we're happy to be a part of your lifestyle. Shop our massive range today!

Frequently asked questions

Answering your frequently asked questions on women's hiking shoes.

What is the difference between hiking shoes and running shoes?

Hiking shoes are built to handle tough terrain, whilst running shoes are built for going the distance on smoother terrain. You’ll find that hiking shoes have more tread on the bottom, allowing for enhanced grip on tricky terrains such as loose shingle, slippery rocks and muddy tracks. The sole tends to be thicker also, which prevents any sticks or stones from getting through the shoe, and absorbs more of the impact as you wear them for longer periods. One of the last key differences is that hiking shoes tend to come above the ankle, providing increased support. On the other hand, running shoes are much more lightweight and less suited to tough terrain. 

Is it OK to wear running shoes for hiking? 

If you want to wear running shoes for hiking, you can. However, you may experience a few downsides to that choice such as less ankle support, less traction and less long-term durability. On the plus side, running shoes are a lot more lightweight, helping you move at a faster pace. If you are hiking on relatively flat, looked-after terrain in dry weather - you may be able to get away with wearing running shoes, but specialist hiking boots tend to be more comfortable.