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Yoga Blocks

Blocks shorten the distance to supporting surfaces. In many poses, blocks effectively raise the floor to meet the hand of the person doing yoga or other contact or grounding points. Using a yoga block can improve balance and provide support. Rebel Sport sells blocks and accessories such as mats and props.

Blocks and Props for Yoga

Blocks or bricks play an important part in restorative yoga and can improve balance and provide support in many poses for increased comfort and flexibility. Straps can also increase flexibility and range of motion. Find blocks, straps and other yoga equipment at Rebel Sport. Other common props include exercise balls and bolsters. Yoga instructors can teach you how to use props.

Compare Different Yoga Blocks

Rebel Sport sells yoga bricks or blocks made by Gaiam, PTP Bahe and Simply Clean. Kits and sets are also available that combine blocks with yoga straps or include a block in a complete starter set with a yoga mat and strap. Choose from blocks made of materials such as cork or foam that come in solid colours or printed designs. You may want to check yoga block dimensions to select the right prop for your practice.